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With the implementation of GST in India, there will be a heavy demand for Training Courses in GST. GST CENTRE® has the mission to provide Quality Education in GST to all people including Entrepreneurs, Employees, Govt. Officials and Students. We have customized courses for each person in GST and Accounting, Finance, Software, Computer etc. with National and International Certifications.
We are very proud and confident to say that we are the No.1 Trainers for GST in INDIA.

  • Promoted by Chartered Accountants
  • Unit of TEACH GROUP, Approved by Govt. of India
  • Certified with ISO 9001:2015
  • Accredited with National and International Certifications
  • Supported with World Class Education System and Technology
  • Simple and Transparent Franchisee System.
  • Expert Faculties and Management Team.
  • Backed with Trademarks and Copy rights.
  • Customized Courses in GST and related fields.
  • Industry Oriented Courses and Recognized Syllabus.
  • World Class Learning Management System
  • Hybrid / Blended Learning System ensuring Education for all.
  • Affordable Fees and
  • Placement Assistance System for all students

Courses Available with GST CENTRE ®

GST CENTRE ® is a Complete Training provider for Accountants through a network of Training Centres who will be providing Quality & Authoritative Training in

  • Diploma in Goods & Services Tax ® Courses
  • Accounting / Finance Courses
  • Computer and MS Office Courses
  • Accounting Software / ERP/ SAP

This year we have 16 Courses and planning to launch another set of courses soon. Our mission as an Education Company is to create more trained and skilled people to meet the growing industry demand.

What Centre can expect?

GST CENTRE® provides extensive training and continuing professional advice to support your business and team.

Our success depends on your success.

  • More Courses More Certifications More Income
  • Expert Faculties and Resource Persons
  • 24 x 7 LMS Video Tutorials and Periodical Webinars.
  • Training and Development of Staff.
  • Online and Direct Training for Trainers
  • Detailed Trainers Manual and operating manuals.
  • Exclusive territorial rights.
  • Digital Marketing assistance & Promotion support.
  • Learning Management System and Franchise Management Software
  • Effective back end team.
  • Relationship Managers and Customer Care Department.
  • 100% transparency

Ideal Centre Profile:

  • Prospective, promising, aspiring and potential entrepreneurs looking for future in education sector.
  • Sincere, dedicated, serious minded person towards Education and Business.
  • Person with sound managerial skills
  • Be committed to the GST CENTRE® standards.

GST CENTRE ® offers a unique business opportunity to those who want to start their own business, earn money and have a social standing. We give you a chance to partner with an established, well-known brand and a proven business format.
We invite application from various individuals, Accounting Institutions, Professional Coaching Centres, Existing computer training centers, Educational Institutions and prospective Educational Entrepreneurs to be our franchise partner.

For more details, Please fill up Online Form “Apply for Centres form” given in the website or get in touch with us.

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GST is a great opportunity for the tax professionals. We have to capitalize on it.

GST CENTRE® is empanelling Chartered Accountants and Indirect Tax Professionals across India to provide various value added services to small, medium and large business organizations.

The introduction of GST will have a magnanimous impact as each and every business will be affected. The entire framework of indirect taxation will change ranging from the nature of levy, rate of taxes and administration of the taxes. Amid this huge impact, lies an enormous opportunity for the tax professionals.

Mapping existing scenario and GST impact assessment

"It is essential to map the entire supply chain pattern of the Company and various taxes paid at each leg thereof. Tax professionals can assist the industry in determining the correct cost of manufacturing goods / rendering services and to re-determine the prices of goods / services and the profit margins. There will be impact on various functions of the Company such as procurement, distribution, marketing, accounting and taxation functions.


The mapping of ‘as is’ scenario and GST impact assessment will bring to light critical areas which could be of a concern to the Company in the new regime vis-à-vis the old regime. Tax professional’s services would be vital to help the Company to identify various issues, devise strategies to mitigate exposures and, if required, represent the concerns before the appropriate authority.

Re-modelling Business Structures

Companies have to necessarily evaluate their supply pattern (and frequency thereof) such as supply to warehouse, job work premises, return of goods etc. due to new Credit Mechanism, Rate structures, Destination based taxation, new term Supply etc. Supply chains will therefore see a radical change. The existing supply chains need to be re-looked and re-structured. The present Sourcing, distribution and warehousing decisions will be reorganized to leverage efficiencies of scale, location and other factors relevant to the business. Tax professionals can assist in evaluation and streamlining logistics supply chain, largely from a tax perspective.

Accounting and IT infrastructure

Today’s businesses involve rampant use of software (ERP, SAP, Tally) both by the industry and service providing tax professionals. With the advent of GST, drastic revamping of existing IT infrastructure would be required. Further, the entire current accounting codes / treatment may undergo a change under the new legislation. With the knowledge of GST, tax professionals would be best suited to aid technicians in designing the software modules.

Tax planning

Any planning which mitigates tax cost would be most appreciated by clients. New tax / procedural issues, Destination based tax, new credit mechanism etc. made the business to relook the existing transactional methodology to minimise taxation and hence would require the services of professionals for the same.

Advisory services

Regular services are required for determining place of supply, determining what is ‘goods’ and what is ‘services’, availability of credits and maintenance of records. Advisory services will also be required in dealing with unique issues such as inter-state supply of services, inter-state supply of intangibles, valuation of branch transfers, transitional issues and preparing Standard Operating Process (‘SOP’) for businesses under the new regime.

Registration and procedural compliances

The industry will immediately require assistance in terms of registration under the new law, details and mechanics of records to be maintained. Effective and timely services are required to provide regular services such as payment of taxes, filing of returns and audit-related services.

Litigation support

Appearance before the Departmental officers, drafting (Replies, Appeals, Petitions) or appearance before higher forums, there is tremendous scope for tax professionals in the litigation space.


Corporate Training can be provided for
1. top management of firms / business owners,
2. process owners and
3. taxation / accounting team on the likely impact of GST on their business and thereafter with nuances of GST along with regular update sessions.

Join with GST CENTRE as GST Professional and let’s explore the opportunity available to us.
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Tally Centre is a special project of GST CENTRE ® with the support of Tally Education (P) Ltd., Bangalore.

It will help our Students across India to join for Tally Courses, Appear Tally Exam and get Tally Certification and services through our Centres.


  • Join for Tally Courses conducted by GST CENTRE
  • Appear Tally Exam and get Tally Certificate.
  • Free Access to Student Portal
  • Job Portal Access for Placements to Students.
  • Other Value Added Services


Know about Tally Certification

Know about Tally Advantage

Know about Services Offered


This beginner level certification will recognize skills of a candidates learning Tally.ERP 9. Online assessment will be conducted and successful candidates will earn a verifiable digital certificate from Tally.
Tally ACE certifies candidate as job ready and opens up multiple career opportunities. A certified candidate can opt to become an entrepreneur as well.

  • Fundamentals of Accounts
  • Maintaining Chart of Accounts
  • Maintaining Stock Keeping Units (SKU)
  • Performing the Accounting Entry / Recording Day to Day Business Transactions
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable Management
  • MIS Reports
  • Banking
  • Recording Transactions for Trading Businesses (VAT)
  • Recording Transactions for Service Industries (Service Tax)
  • Recording Transactions with TDS
  • Assessment Format: Online
  • Duration: One Hour
  • No. of Exams: One Exam
  • Certification Type: Digital
  • Certification Validity: 2 Years